That depends on the nature and extent of your particular injury or illness.

The general rule is that if you suffer a personal injury or illness, you may be entitled to compensation for:-

  • your pain and suffering
  • hurt to your dignity and feelings
  • loss of earnings
  • costs you have to incur as a result of what happened
  • paying for a relative to look after you
  • repairing any damage to your possessions

In addition, your relatives might be entitled to compensation if there are services that you can no longer provide as a result of your injuries.

We all have a general duty not to “injure” anyone else. If someone injures you or does something that causes you to become ill, you may have a claim against them.

In addition, some people (like employers, councils and occupiers of buildings) have extra duties and, if they breach them, you may be entitled to claim against them.

Even if you don’t know who caused your injury (for example, because you were hurt in a “hit and run” road accident or you were assaulted in the street), you may be entitled to compensation from one of the government agencies.

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Many people receive their compensation within a few months without going to court. Other claims take longer to resolve.

Many claims are settled without the need to go to court.

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