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Negligent GP or Failure of Care

Negligent Treatment in a Hospital

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Medical Negligence Scotland

Medical Negligence Scotland is a Scottish company dealing solely with Scottish clients. If you think that you have been harmed by medical treatment, contact us!

Medical Negligence Scotland can help you obtain compensation for inadequate medical treatment or neglect.

Doctors, along with other medical professionals, have a duty of care towards their patients which means that they are required to provide correct and appropriate treatment.

Medical negligence occurs when a doctor or other healthcare professional has failed to meet the standards expected of them, and their patient has been harmed as a result of it.

Medical Negligence Scotland

Negligent Ambulance Treatment

Ambulance staff are highly skilled, well trained professionals and so are accustomed to all kinds of situations requiring their call out.

Negligent Treatment in
a Hospital

Negligence may arise from problems for example:-failure to identify;failure to obtain informed consent;delay in diagnosis;

Negligent GP or Failure
of Care

Most of us need to go the doctor at times during our everyday life and many people have a longstanding friendship with our GP.

Negligent Dental Treatment

As with visits to the GP’s surgery, we all need dental care every once in awhile. Quite rightly we expect our dental practitioners.

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